About Lucy

I am a highly experienced body-worker, originally trained in holistic massage and spiritual healing. I am also a workshop leader and writer. For many years my passions have centred on understanding the interplay between, body, mind, emotions and spirit.

When I first came across the Rosen Method, I was immediately struck by the simplicity and kindness of its approach and the way it can penetrate to the deepest layers of muscular holding and take you to a place of embodied inner knowing.

It seems to me uniquely powerful in its capacity to release unconscious attitudes, and to facilitate a sense of wholeness, authenticity and connection to the heart. I love working with it. Nothing else has touched me so profoundly, in both senses of the word.

I also teach Spiritual Anatomy and Healing for bodyworkers, to foster people's sensitivity to the subtle body and pass on ways to work more deeply with clients using that understanding.