'Lucy's strong, gentle presence, delicate use of words and soft hands create and hold a wonderful space. In that deep stillness I have been able to open up and listen to the mysteries, pain and joys held in my body. I am starting to understand and release deeply buried emotions I did not know were there, and to experience an ease and joy in life I did not know were possible.' P.H.

'Lucy uses her experience and empathy in a professional and subtle manner to help you gradually explore your physical and emotional restrictions. Her gentle hands-on treatment is very therapeutic.' N.E

'Over time, my body is changing. All the stories that have lived in dark corners, the feelings that were hidden and forgotten are, bit by bit, accepting your invitation to emerge. It's like I am re-membering myself.' J.D.

'I feel that I have been able to open doors that were completely closed to me, and I am incredibly grateful.' L.B.